Five Reasons

Developing Customized Solutions

With the flexibility to utilize multiple suppliers, we are able to craft a customized solution that truly meets our clients’ needs. These solutions involve utilizing the best suppliers in specific areas of the country. This allows us to provide a service that is better than any one company can provide.

Right-Sizing Service Levels

When reviewing the cost of solid waste and recycling services, most customers choose to focus on pricing. The problem with this approach is that it often results in only a portion of total potential savings being realized. In many instances, pricing is not even the largest factor driving total waste costs. Implementing more efficient service and diverting materials from the waste stream often generate far larger savings in the long run.

Setting Standards and Measuring Performance

Solutions 360 truly believes “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Once we determine the optimal service levels for each location, we establish a set of operating goals and manage to those standards. Solid waste and recycling services are rarely static. Fluctuations may be due to seasonality, changes in the economy, or changes in production levels. By establishing standards and managing to them, we can ensure your program remains at an optimal level.

Single Point
of Contact

Solutions 360 provides a single point of contact for our clients solid waste and recycling needs. Client locations contact our service center with any questions, concerns, or service changes. In addition, we assign an Account Manager to each of our customers. The Account Manager has direct responsibility for the entire relationship and helps to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Cost Control

We work with our qualified service providers to ensure you receive competitive rates not only on Day 1, but throughout the entire term of the contract. We also work to make sure all increases or additions that do occur over time are necessary and justified. If we determine a price change from a given provider is not competitive or does not reflect a material change in market conditions, we will transition to a different provider within our network.